Campanas Rivera: Fábrica e instalación de relojes monumentales Campanas Rivera: 150 years manufacturing and installing monumental clocks


Monumental Clocks

Campanas Rivera, apart from being one of the most prominent companies in Spain as regards the founding of bells, is also a leader in the production and assembly of monumental clocks.

We have wide experience in the sector of monumental clocks for church towers, the facades of town halls and all kinds of public and private buildings.

We provide individualized service when we install your clock, as we have a wide-ranging catalogue of faces and hands in order to adapt perfectly to your needs and, as a result, obtain a totally personalized clock.

We also provide highly-advanced systems for the automation of your clock and its maintenance.

We have our own technical service and we carry out the installation of monumental clocks anywhere in the world.

We realize budgets without commitment.