Campanas Rivera: Fundición de campanas. Maestros fundidores de campanas desde el siglo XIX Campanas Rivera: Masters founders since the XIXth century. 150 years manufacturing bronze bells


The Company Campanas Rivera

The art of casting made music. The Rivera family, teachers smelters from the XIXth century as evidenced by some of the oldest bells, handmade to keep his legacy today as evidenced by their bells, clocks and chimes installed on five continents, offering its customers its expertise and proven quality of their products.

The founding of this company by Gabriel Rivera is thought to be prior to this time.

Manuscript Bell Rivera Foundation by D. Gabriel Rivera in the year of 1.850
(Manuscript Bell Rivera Foundation by D. Gabriel Rivera in the year of 1.850)

In the past, all bell casters and moulders were street-workers, i.e. they cast the bells at the foot of the tower due to the lack of automotive means to transport the bells and their accessories from the foundry to their place of installation.

The settling of casters was mainly due to the advances in means of transport, which also led Campanas Rivera to expand, sending bells all over the world.

Within the evolution of this handcrafted activity, the incorporation of new technologies has led to certain progress that, without changing the true base of the art of casting, has allowed for greater accessibility to the historic process of reference.

Historically, the hand-caster of bronze bells was known as the Master Bell Maker, as well as the Caster of Figures as they have always offered a wider variety of handcrafted pieces.

The Rivera family maintains this handcrafting legacy and is today the only bronze bell casting shop in Extremadura. Furthermore, we make other series of handcrafted bronze pieces such as mortars, oil lamps, handbells, cowbells and candelabra, etc. as well as decorative items that are highly prize for their keeping in line with the traditional handcrafted models of this kind in Extremadura and for the quality of the raw materials used and the careful finish with which they are presented.

It is important to emphasize the production of the Bell (photo no. 1); work carried out in very common bronze in all the City Hall of Extremadura since the 17th century and that disappeared with the civil War of 1936. Their utility was that of giving the hour and to call to you determined social acts of the everyday life of the populations.

To this work him has been granted the first awards "ARTESANIA TRADITIONAL" by the Junta of Extremadura.