Campanas Rivera: manufacturers and installers of musical carrillons made with bronze bells Campanas Rivera: 150 years manufacturing and installing musical carrillons made with bronze bells



Campanas Rivera, thanks to its 160 years’ experience in the founding of bronze bells and its wide knowledge of the technical and acoustic features of the bell, specializes in the construction and assembly of carillons.

The carillon is a set of bells, each of which has been manufactured with a defined musical note so that, when they are rung together, they behave like a musical instrument. The carillons allow the playing of all kinds of music and provide enjoyment for the audience with melodies like Ave María, Christmas carols and so on.

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They are made of personalized form, to satisfy his demands and to interpret all the melodies that you should want across a computer.

So, if you would like your town to enjoy a very special sound, you can rely on Campanas Rivera to achieve it.

We have our own technical service and we carry out the installation of carillons anywhere in the world.

We realize budgets without commitment.