Campanas Rivera: Fundición de campanas. Maestros fundidores de campanas desde el siglo XIX Campanas Rivera: Masters founders since the XIXth century. 150 years manufacturing bronze bells


Rivera Bells

In former times, the most familiar and integrating sound in the towns, villages and hamlets of our ancestors was that which resounded from the church towers with the ringing of the bells.

The bells were the most important means of mass communication in traditional society.

While the parish presided over the rites of passage of human life, meticulously recorded in its registers, the bells established the pace of daily life, the hours of the day, the seasons of the year and the periodical visits of death.

Every bell possessed its own personality, a different sound and a language with variations in relation to those of other places and even had special powers. They were even known by their own names.

For 160 years, Campanas Rivera has manufactured bells, and this process has transported its fine rivera sound throughout the world. Throughout all this time, our company has been renowned for offering our clients quality, speed and excellent service.

We realize the automation of the bells of personalized form, as well as the touches and the style (Gothic or Romanesque) that the client requires. And we make all the accessories that take the bells like yokes (of wood or metal-workers), clappers, etc.

We have our own technical service and we carry out the installation anywhere in the world.

We realize budgets without commitment.